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Testosterone has always been associated with manliness. It is the male sex hormone, tasked with the development of secondary sexual characteristics in males. It is responsible for other welcome effects in men as well, these include maintaining muscle mass, bone strength and bone density. It is therefore befit for males to want to maintain an optimum level of the hormone in the body. It does not hurt to know how to increase testosterone naturally and easily. It comes quite handy especially if one is not willing to try  supplements.

Heavy weight and strength training lead to increased muscle mass. With a larger muscle, more testosterone receptors are created and this gives the testicles a positive feedback to encourage them to produce more testosterone. Reduction of fat stores also improves levels of testosterone. This is because fat deposits are culprits for production of the female hormone estrogen which normally counteracts the effects of testosterone hormone.

Avoiding stress and stressful situations might sound silly but with stress, cortisol, the stress hormone is released. This is a catabolic hormone that creates havoc by using lean muscle mass in order to create energy. The body knows not to produce two opponent hormones therefore it focuses on cortisol at the expense of testosterone. This also means that one has to get enough sleep as inadequate sleep is interpreted by the mind as stress. A maintained circadian rhythm also ensures that the gonads continue functioning normally.

Replacing unhealthy fats, Trans fats, with healthy fats, unsaturated fats, such as olive oil makes sure the body is provided with adequate testosterone for synthesis of testosterone while reducing the low density lipoproteins and fat deposition around the midsection.

All in all, convincing your body to produce more testosterone is achievable with the right mindset, knowledge, persistence, diet and exercise.