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Fitness: 4 Great Exercises For Your Legs

Because most people tend to focus on the upper parts of their body while exercising, they end up forgetting about their lower body. That is, the legs. Working your legs is vital if you are to maintain a proportional figure. You don’t want to have big arms and a big chest while your legs remain tiny. To ensure you create the right balance, take time to exercise your legs just as much. These exercises will help.

Exercise bike

The stationary exercise bike is a great way to evenly work all the different parts of your legs, from the thighs to the calves. By simulating riding a bike, the stationary bike gives you the opportunity to train your legs while burning loads of calories. You also get to enjoy quite a cardio workout from it. Start with lower gears and then upgrade to more difficult gears for a more challenging workout. You can also switch between low and high gears during your workout for added intensity.

Leg presses

Leg presses are designed to accomplish one thing, to strengthen your legs. Here, you get the chance to use your legs to lift various weights. As a beginner, start with the topmost weights and gauge the strain endured to lift that. As you get used to the strain, keep stacking more weights and grow your leg muscles more. The more weight you can press with your legs, the stronger your legs will become.

Leg curls

These are geared towards developing your hamstrings. You get to lift loads of different sizes with your lower legs alone. Though it may seem easy, leg curls will test you hams to the limit. Start with easier weights and graduate as you go along. On a typical workout, try to do cycles of 25 curls before taking a 30-60sec break. Soon enough, you will start to notice your hams growing and your other lower leg muscles developing.


Last, but not the least, you can grow your leg muscles by using the treadmill. Here you can run or jog. Either way, your leg muscles will get a gentle workout as they struggle to support your body mass and to cushion the force of every step. The more you run or jog, the better. As you work out on the treadmill, enjoy burning calories, shedding fat, and getting a thorough cardio workout.

Don’t neglect your legs. Use these exercises to give your body the wholesome fitness it deserves.