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3 Common Steroid Cycles & Stacks Used By Bodybuilders

Bodybuilders and athletes are always keen on getting more information about the best steroid cycles.However, just like everything else concerning health and fitness, the course of action that an individual chooses is largely dependent on certain factors, including personal goals, level of fitness, age, budget, ability, health status, availability and many other factors which are normally unique to every individual. This means that one person’s best steroid cycle might not necessarily be the best for the next individual. Some of the most popular steroid cycles include:

1. The Beginner’s Cycle (Deca Durabolan and Testosterone-Enanthate)

This steroid cycle, which is highly recommended for any first user, can be made of a stack of Deca Durabolan (200mg) and Testosterone-Enanthate (500mg) for the first 1-12 weeks. The Test/Deca combo is known to give outstanding gains with very few side effects. In addition, the stack is composed of slow release compounds which will need fewer injections; definitely a good point to start for any beginner. As a base steroid stack which can easily be customized for any cycle in future, this particular stack is immensely popular. Some of its potential side effects, when used over a long time, include: water retention, gynecomastia, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

2. Testosterone/Deca Durabolan/Dianabol

This combination can be another good kickstart beginner steroid cycle that has Dianabol in the mix. It is one of the best steroid stacks composed of Deca Durabolan (200mg), Testosterone-Enanthate (500mg) for the first 1-12 weeks in addition to Dianabol (25mg per day) for the first 1-6 weeks. Dianabol is a steroid which works pretty fast and can be taken orally. This is among the steroid stacks which offer tremendous gains in muscle mass and strength at the start of the cycle (commonly called “front loading”). Side effectsof this best steroid stack can be gynecomastia, high blood pressure, water retention, and high cholesterol.

3. Testosterone/Trenbolone/Winstrol

This is one of the most effective steroids cycles and it is composed of a stack of Testosterone-propionate (100mg EOD) and Trenbolone- Acetate (75mg EOD) for the first 1-12 weeks as well as Winstrol (50mg daily) from 7-12 weeks. This is known to be the most well-liked cutting cycle amongst users, due to its excellent working abilities. However, the kind of diet you are on will determine the extent of success with this particular stack. A great diet will improve the results tremendously. One of the main side effects of this stack is a build-up of oestrogen.


These are actually very simple stacks for simple cycles. However, when utilized properly, the results are always great. However, it is always important to meticulously follow the laid down instructions in order to avoid any side effects, as well as realize great gains faster.