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Do You Need On-Cycle Support For Prohormone Stacks?

If you’re looking to push past your genetic limitations on your way to optimal fitness, prohormones are well-suited for the purpose. With the best prohormone stacks, you can gain about 5-15 pounds of solid muscle mass in less than 6 weeks. While this is certainly impressive, proper supplementation is absolutely necessary in making the gains last. Knowing the reasons why you need the extra support, as well as the essentials of on-cycle support, are just as important as choosing the best prohormone stack.

What is On-Cycle Support?

Virtually all prohormone stacks come with a host of side effects, despite the fact that these products are significantly milder than steroids. On-cycle therapy is important in reducing the incidence and impact of the unpleasant outcomes. This could involve using either a single product, or a combination of substances.

Some of the side effects you can avoid with on-cycle supplementation include:

-Hair loss: While some manufacturers go to great lengths to reduce the likelihood of this, most prohormones still cause hair loss.

-Liver stress: This is mostly associated with oral supplements.

-Cardiovascular disorders: Abnormal cholesterol levels and some damage to arteries can result from the use of certain products.

It’s worth noting that these side effects will considerably vary from one individual to the next.

Keeping the Gains

It’s well-known that once your prohormone cycle is complete, you’re going to lose a fraction of the gains you achieved. How much you lose is dependent on how fast you can restore normal liver function and testosterone production levels as well. There’s a handful of substances typically used to offer intra-cycle support.

Supplementing Basic Nutrition

Since prohormones push your body past its normal ability, higher nutrition levels are vital for adequate support. And while increasing your caloric intake helps, there are certain nutritional gaps that couldn’t possibly be plugged by diet. A food-based multivitamin of high quality is one of the solutions you could use to support the extra nutritional needs. In addition, supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids can help in regulating cholesterol levels and supporting cardiovascular health.

Testosterone Support

Magnesium and zinc are both widely-proven testosterone boosters, according to a number of studies. While taking them separately still delivers the benefits, combining the two forms the ideal testosterone-boosting formula. You should thus get a supplement that includes zinc and magnesium for your intra-cycle support. Vitamin B6 should also be included; it’s very effective in supporting a number of bodily processes, such as cognitive function.

No matter what kind of prohormone cycle you’re on, you can immensely benefit from on-cycle therapy. Your best bet would be to get a good support product that combines all these components, as opposed to assembling a formula on your own. Ultimately, keep in mind that proper nutrition and exercise form the pillars of any supplement cycle.