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Why Anavar Pill Is The Safest Steroid Hormone

Anavar is a steroid supplement that often shows up in the bulking steroid cycles. But compared to the likes of Masteron, it faces quite some competition and often times goes untouched on the shelves. But Anavar does make a difference in your fitness program if you can be a little patient.

The Steroid for both Men and Women

A big advantage of Anavar is its mild properties as a steroid hormone. Professional bodybuilders would argue that its mildness is the main reason that it’s often ditched for stronger steroid supplements. However, when it comes to doping with steroid products without worrying about side effects, Anavar is the best pick. Its androgenic and estrogenic ratings are quite low, meaning it is safe to be used by both men and women.

How Anavar Works In the Body

Scientifically, Anavar steroids are referred to as Oxandrolone. In its chemical structure, Anavar is a dyhydrotestosterone hormone that has been altered with an oxygen atom to replace the carbon atom at the second position. This slight change gives Anavar a highly anabolic trait and protects the steroid hormone from metabolic reactions by the body.

Anavar has only one function in the body: to catalyze weight gain, specifically the gain of muscle mass in bodybuilders. In the medical sectors, the steroid hormone is administered to people who suffers from severe weight loss due to surgery or a history of illness. Among athletes, Anavar is a popular steroid hormone that administers therapeutic effects on the athlete.

Anavar promotes nitrogen retention in the body creating the perfect condition for muscle gain. At the same time, the steroid supplement triggers the release of dopamine in the body while inhibiting the production of glucocorticoid hormones. Not only do athletes develop lean muscle tissues and maintain a trimmed body, but they also enjoy a general well-being even after hours of endurance training on the track. The recovery period of Anavar 2018 is also tremendous.

Side Effects of Anavar

Due to the mild nature of the steroid hormone, Anavar pills often don’t cause any adverse side effects on the user. Yes, the Anavar tablets will carry androgenic and estrogenic properties, but it will be quite a while before you realize the side effects of both traits. Anavar is by far the safest steroid hormone in the market for both men and women.

Buying Anavar for Your Steroid Cycle

Anavar for sale is available over the counter or you can buy it from an online pharmacy or bodybuilding website. When you buy Anavar online, it’s important you read the ingredients in the steroid supplements and a couple reviews of what other customers have to say about it.  Then make sure the website you are buying Anavar steroid from does ship to your current region.


Anavar is one of the mildest steroid hormones that won’t hit you with severe side effects. If you are a little patient, you will appreciate the slow changing process of the steroid supplement. You can buy Anavar in physical stores or online but do a little research first so you don’t land a counterfeit.