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2015 NPC Tricky Jackson Classic Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure & Bikini Championships — Sat., Oct. 17, 2015 — Lexington, KY

2009 NPC Bluegrass Bodybuilding, Figure, & Bikini Championships & Bluegrass Men’s Novice Bodybuilding Championship

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thanks to all participants, sponsors, and audience members for making this a great event!

Men’s Overall
Julius Page 1st
Brad Davis 2nd
Shane Smith 3rd
Jamin Akpan 4th
Kob Yan 5th
Men’s Lightweight
Kob Yan 1st
Ryan Ramsey 2nd
Matthew Banks 3rd
Gerald Padilla 4th
Men’s Welterweight
Jamin Akpan 1st
Jake Beggs 2nd
Kevin Knight 3rd
Luke Beggs 4th
Thomas Bull 5th
Eric Talley 6th
Theo Ford 7th
Anthony Wells 8th
Brett Borders 9th
Men’s Middleweight
Shane Smith 1st
Mark Gryzenia 2nd
Jason Adams 3rd
Gabriel Craft 4th
Men’s Light-Heavyweight
Brad Davis 1st
Todd Buchanan 2nd
Chet Melvin 3rd
Travis Wallis 4th
Luric Edison 5th
Ryan McCall 6th
Randy Burruss 7th
Chris Minnis 8th
Tim Thompson 9th
Leon Henry 10th
Men’s Heavyweight
Julius Page 1st
John Duginski 2nd
Demetrius Robertson 3rd
Michael Ferguson 4th
Richard Plank 5th
Mason Moore 6th
Denis O’Rourke 7th
David Bowers 8th
Mike Harbison 9th
Terry Collins 10th
Men’s Novice Overall
Jamin Akpan 1st
Ryan McCall 2nd
Chris Minnis 3rd
Men’s Novice Lightweight
Jamin Akpan 1st
Ryan Ramsey 2nd
Kevin Knight 3rd
Luke Beggs 4th
Gerald Padilla 5th
Thomas Bull 6th
Eric Talley 7th
Henry Curtis 8th
Anthony Wells 9th
Clay Brady 10th
Brett Borders 11th
Men’s Novice Middleweight
Chris Minnis 1st
Mark Gryzenia 2nd
Derek Cundiff 3rd
Jantzen O’Neal 4th
Marca Hudson 5th
Gabriel Craft 6th
Men’s Novice Heavyweight
Ryan McCall 1st
Mason Moore 2nd
Rodney Suggs 3rd
David Bowers 4th
Mike Harbison 5th
Terry Collins 6th
Ben Graves 7th
Men’s Teenage
Jake Beggs 1st
Justin Gibson 2nd
Justin Carr 3rd
Men’s Masters
Todd Buchanan 1st
Michael Ferguson 2nd
Chet Melvin 3rd
Randy Burruss 4th
Curtis Scott 5th
Theo Ford 6th
Leon Henry 7th
Bikini Overall
Jessica True 1st
Laura Cessna 2nd
Bikini – Short
Laura Cessna 1st
Carla Erby 2nd
Christina Gaddis 3rd
Jody Lighthall 4th
Bikini – Tall
Jessica True 1st
Rachel Fazzalaro 2nd
Susan Arnold 3rd
Figure Overall
Alicia Gifford 1st
Genie Sammons 2nd
Michelle Yatsuk 3rd
April Van Hoose 4th
Figure A
Alicia Gifford 1st
Alicia Drew 2nd
Deborah Fitzgerald 3rd
Michelle Frank 4th
Figure B
Michelle Yatsuk 1st
Dana May 2nd
Tambra Stewart-Johnson 3rd
Toni Wheeler 4th
Angie Morales 5th
Figure C
Genie Sammons 1st
Caitlin Corry 2nd
Brenda Johnson 3rd
Sheila Pound 4th
Michelle Roberson 5th
Dawn Baker 6th
Elizabeth Noelting 7th
Figure D
April Van Hoose 1st
Jennifer Davis 2nd
Bethany Reul 3rd
Erin Rhoades 4th
Melanie Cole 5th
Tracey Moore 6th

Contest covered by Posedown Magazine, American Muscle Plus Magazine, Ironman Magazine, Musclemag, Bodybuilding.com, Posedown Radio and Rx Muscle. In addition, all class winners will be invited as guests on my bodybuilding talk radio show — Pro Muscle Radio.

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